About QACA

QACA is a small organisation consisting of Members and supporters dedicated to saving the remaining public open spaces around the Quedgeley area.

The History

QACA was started in the late eighties, when the extensive development along Severnvale Drive was beginning. Quedgeley House was demolished in 1980 and QACA members saved its gardens, which is now Quedgeley Nature Reserve, adopted and maintained by Gloucester City Council.

Latest News (Updated 03.11.14)





Quedgeley House

Through the dedication of  its Committee, both past and present , QACA have now become a recognised organisation with strong links with local organisations, the  Parish Council and Police.

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Helping to preserve the last remaining open spaces in Quedgeley

QACA Offering Conservation Grants

We have decided to offer residents/groups and small organisations, grants for conservation projects within their local area/homes.

To apply for a grant, please download our Grant Application Form Here

Full details are included within the form.

So if you have a conservation project in mind, we may be able to offer assistance in the costs.

From a bird box to a butterfly garden, every little helps.

This scheme is open to residents within the GL2 4 postcode area only.

Exclusions include: Driveways, fencing, decking, solar panels, wind turbines, loft insulation, double glazing, cavity wall insulation and any other project that solely benefits an individual.

We look forward to your suggestions

Please contact Peter Ponting 01452 722582

E-mail qaca@btinternet.com

Local Nature Reserve

The Parish Council have been given a unique opportunity of taking control of the local nature reserve from the City Council.

Talks have been ongoing for the last twelve months.

QACA fully support the move, and are in negotiations with the Parish Council, to help manage the site, including routine maintenance.

This will be a unique opportunity for the residents of Quedgeley to become fully involved, with a hands on attitude, to enhance the area, like we have never been able to do before..

If you wish to help in any way. Please contact the Parish Council

This site is dedicated to Jeff Morgan and Michael Orr, founder members of QACA who are sadly no longer with us.

The Moat

We were recently criticised regarding the poor condition of The Moat and we have therefore been in contact with the City Council outlining our concerns for the site which have been acknowledged. We are now working with them to resolve this situation although given current budgetary constraints this may take a little while. QACA did originally secure a contribution of £15,000 towards the initial project to improve the Moat area and we have expressed concerns as to whether or not the work carried out was to an acceptable standard.

The matter of renaming the Moat has also been raised recently. The area is an Ancient Listed Scheduled Monument and as such is overseen by English Heritage. They have categorically stated that renaming The Moat would set a precedent for other monuments and it would not therefore be allowable. Ordnance Survey has also stated that they could not support any renaming unless approved by English Heritage.

Help Raise funds for QACA

We currently have two initiatives set up to raise funds.

1. We have an account with a recycling centre, and can send used printer cartridges to be recycled.

2. If you shop at Amazon or any other leading brand on the Internet, you can raise funds for QACA simply by shopping through http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk. Simply log into the web site. Select QACA as your preferred account, then every time you shop through the site QACA will receive a percentage. We recently received a cheque for £19.67 from them.

If you have any used printer cartridges or want help on the easyfundraising web site please Mail: qaca@btinternet.com

Sign up to receive regular updates from QACA.

All information received will be confidential, and no information will be passed on to third parties

Pound Coin key fobs

We still have a number of Pound Coin Key Fobs available. These can be used at Aldi, Tesco and Lidl Lidl to release the trolleys.

By using these you will be supporting QACA and helping the environment .Cost £1

Special Offer. Buy one get one free

Tel 01452 722582

QACA are campaigning to have the bridge reinstated which originally crossed the stream by The Willows/Park Drive. Joining Lilac Way

Last year the City Council cleared the footpath, but alas not provided a new bridge which they took down 10 years ago.

People using the footpath now have to jump the stream, which in heavy rain conditions, can rise to 1 metre in depth, and 1 metre in width.

qaca grant form.xlsx
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